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Measure your lung health in seconds
alveoair® is a personal spirometer designed for asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and ILD patients to help quantify their lung health. alveoair® enables patients to monitor their disease to help avoid attacks and unnecessary hospital visits.

Bring clinical accuracy into your pocket
Patent-pending technology behind the personal spirometer uses our proprietary accu-sense technology for turbine based spirometer . alveoair® is as accurate as a spirometer you would see in a hospital, but has been compacted to fit into your pocket!

Perform a spirometry test at any time
With the alveofit® mobile app, perform a spirometry test at any time! The app guides the patient to perform the test correctly and gives feedback on test performance, pointing out errors.

Track your progress with a user-friendly app
The alveofit® Personal mobile app helps patients to track their spirometry results over time. Trend data helps analyze the success of current treatment plans, and also acts as a tool for early detection of worsening lung conditions.

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What it won’t do
Expect overnight results.
Ayurveda is best to use right from first symptoms. Early & and frequent dosage is important
Got medicine! I can eat anything now
Food defines our metabolism and absorption of nutrients and so immunity. Eating healthy has no alternative.
I will take medicine only SOS!
Ayurveds requires disciplined dosing to work over a period of time. Remember to take the product properly for few months at least.