Winter allergies to surge in Hyderabad this year

Hyderabad is facing a rise in winter allergies which is taking longer than usual to reside. According to health experts, a variety of factors are contributing to this surge in allergies, apart from the fall in temperature. Among the various factors includes air pollution, inhaling fumes from vehicles, construction work, dust mites and other allergens. The hospitals and clinics are crowded with patients with respiratory issues like cold, cough, flu, wheezing, and asthma flare-ups.

Winters are typically known to cause an increase in allergies. Along with the cold air, air pollution adds to winter allergies and respiratory problems.

Generally, allergies are common in children and the elderly, but currently, everyone is being affected by them. According to experts, the main cause of this is air pollution.

Our immune system tries to get rid of the infection-causing pathogens and allergens by various mechanisms by increasing secretions in our body. One of the most common secretions which are increased and act as a defence mechanism is mucus. Presently many cases are seen with persistent cough and cold for a month and more.

People who are going to work are constantly exposed to air pollution, and allergens are more affected by the allergens and show respiratory allergies. Previously allergies would go away within days, but now it is taking several days to weeks for the allergens to subside even after the infection is gone.

Among all, children and the elderly are more prone to get infected. This is because children have an underdeveloped immune system, and in the elderly, the immune system has weakened. Also, the number of cases of children with allergies has doubled this year.

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