Schools: A potential hotspot for respiratory infections for your child!

Schools: A potential hotspot for respiratory infections for your child!
In the past two weeks, Bangalore saw a rise in cases of upper and lower respiratory tract infections.
The weather fluctuation plays a critical role in the rising cases, and the schools have turned out to be a potential hotspot for the infection spread. Students carry the virus from schools to their homes. The family members, including the elderly, get infected, and in severe cases, they may get hospitalized.
At any given time, someone in the school would definitely have an infection and can transmit the virus to others.
There is a cyclic pattern of infections in school-going children. The incidence of these infections increase by more than 50% in the past month alone.
According to doctors, the only way to break or come out of this chain of infection is to follow some precautionary measures. Doctors believe that when everyone followed all the necessary precautions during Covid, the incidence and spread of other infections are also reduced. But now that people are back to their normal lives (the lives before Covid) and are not wearing masks, traveling, and eating out, the vulnerable group of individuals may get affected by a myriad of infections.
Some precautions can be:
  • Eat fresh and warm home food
  • Maintain adequate hygiene
  • Frequently wash hands
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay away from crowds/ Avoid crowding
  • Consult a doctor immediately if you have a minor issue before you get too sick
Bibo's take:
It's always important to educate your child about infection transmission. If someone is infected, your child must maintain a significant distance from the individual. Also, it is better not to send your child to school if he or she is having an infection.
Parents should also work towards building immunity for everyone in the family, including their children. Strong immunity is the most effective shield against these infections.
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