5 tips to protect Health from Air Pollution

The world of innovations and modernization has granted human beings a curse of pollution. To draw attention to this, World Environment Day is celebrated on the 6th of June each year.

 Air pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the atmosphere which have adverse effects on human health and climate. It is a mixture of thousands of solid-liquid pollutants and various gases such as ozone O3, nitrogen oxides (NO2-NO3) volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These harmful compounds increase the risk of respiratory infection, heart diseases, and lung cancer.

Many ways are present to save human life from air pollution:

1. Wearing face masksFacemask
Face masks are important shields for humans against air pollution. They restrict the entry of toxic particles that cause airborne allergies and other lung diseases. Reusable N95 masks are used because they purify 90 percent of air. A simple cloth mask has less filtration capacity and cannot efficiently protect you from air pollution.
2. Planting more treesPlant more Trees
Trees purify and improve the quality of the air. They replenish the atmospheric oxygen and absorb Co2, a lethal gas that is involved in global warming. A study showed that the areas having an abundance of trees contain 75 percent better quality of air as compared to other areas. Aloe Vera and spider plants also improve the air quality.
3. Controlling  forest fire and Smoking
control forest fire
Forest fires contain garbage and dry leaves. Its smoke contains harmful substances like sulphur and nitrogen oxides which are the main components of air pollution. Fire smoke also causes ozone layer depletion. Passive smoking is caused by air pollution while active smoking bypasses air pollution damaging one’s lungs.
4. Recycling and Reuse
recycle and reuse
The concept of recycling or reuse not only conserves resources but also protects the environment from air pollution. . New products take a lot of energy and cause air pollution during their formation. While, Recycle products take less energy in their recycling. This reduces polluted particle emission.
5. By using public transport
use public transport
The main cause of air pollution is vehicle smoke. It contains lead oxides that are notorious for their toxic effects and damage the lungs, eyes, and skin. It can be reduced in various ways (Gwilliam, 2004)
    • Drive less
    • Reduce idling
    • use public transport
    • Use fuel-efficient vehicles
    • Improve gas mileage

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