Effect of steam / Lukewarm water during cough and cold

Cough and cold both have no cure. But there are home remedies and medication that can treat their symptoms. Steam and lukewarm water are home remedies that do not affect the infection but can relieve symptoms temporally.

Effects of steam

Steam is the water droplets that emerge from the hot water surface. When steam is inhaled, it opens the blocked nasal passages. Some beneficial effects of steam are;

  • Alleviates Soreness

Steam moisturizes irritated dry nasal throat and improves its inflammation and pain. It restores liquid to the mucus membrane and amends the damaged throat.

  • Liquefies Mucous Secretions

It liquefies the mucus membrane and also reduces the thickness of mucus secretions. It results in the mucus discharge of a stuffy nose. It is especially important in toddlers as they are not able for blowing their noses.

  • Respite from Cough

Steam reduces the cough reflex by relaxing the throat muscles. Steam enables you to breathe freely.

  • It is Natural

Steam therapy is a completely natural process. It has no side effects. The human body contains 70 percent water. Steam is the droplets of water that is why it helps in replenishing your body's natural elements.

Effects of Lukewarm water

Water with a temperature of 90°F to 95°F (30-35°C) is called Luke warm water. Drinking warm water during cold helps to relieve nasal congestion, dehydration, and decreases the soreness of inflamed membranes that line your nose and throat.

  • Relief nasal congestion

Drinking lukewarm water thins the thick mucus secretions and helps in its discharge. Also, it improves the inflammation of nasal passages.

  • Prevent Dehydration

During cold, your body becomes dehydrated which further exacerbates the symptoms. You can overcome this dehydration by drinking plenty of lukewarm water daily.

  • Soothe the Membranes

The membrane lining of the nose and throat is badly affected during cold. Lukewarm water moisturizes the lining of the respiratory tract and thus soothes the membranes.



In addition to steam and lukewarm water, you can also check bibo products for the treatments of cold and cough. Some of the beneficial products are:

  • Bibo saline nasal spray relieves the stuffy nose by diluting the mucus. It contains tulsi which is antibacterial in action. It also contains Xylitol, a natural product, as a flavoring agent. Saline salts kill the bacteria of your ENT.
  • Bibo clear vapor patches are hands-free inhalers that open the blocked airways. They contain the First time in India, an inhaler you do not have to hold. because you can stick it on your pillow or t, shirt and can enjoy the fresh air.
  • Bibo hot kadha mix contains 13 ayurvedic ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, tulsi, dry ginger, Indian gooseberry, and more. It can relieve the cough, cold, congestion, and inflammation.
  • Bibo cough syrup can soothe the sore throat. It contains twenty plus ingredients such as pippali, vasa, kantakri, tulsi, honey, etc. that strengthen the wall of the throat and relieves the dry cough.


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Steam, Lukewarm water, Alleviates Soreness, Liquefies Mucous Secretions, Respite from Cough, Relief nasal congestion, Prevent Dehydration, Soothe the Membranes 

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