Covid Is Not Impacting Your Present But May Impact Your Future | Understanding Long Covid

The majority of the individuals infected with COVID-19 recover within a few days or weeks, but a few of them may show some symptoms even after recovery. This is termed Long COVID or post-COVID syndrome. In this condition, the symptoms last for more than 12 weeks.
Many people may lose immunity against the virus even after being vaccinated. So, the number of people suffering from COVID is still on a rise.
A new study was carried out to understand the duration of some COVID-19 symptoms, especially the ones seen in even mild cases. In this study, the mild symptomatic patients were observed on the duration of recovery from the symptoms, particularly loss of smell and taste. It was noted that 88.2% of the people with loss of smell or taste (or dysfunction) recovered fully within 2 years, while there was a late recovery in 10.9% of the people. This long duration (minimum 2 years) for complete recovery can affect day-to-day activities.

What are the other common symptoms of long COVID?
People with long COVID may also experience some of these symptoms which may vary in severity.
Shortness of breath
Difficulty concentrating
Fast or irregular heartbeat
Chest pain
Blood clots
Stomach pain
Fluctuation in the menstrual cycle
Joint or muscle pain
Disturbance in sleep
BIBO's take:
With the continuous popping up of new variants and sub-variants of the COVID-19 virus, the immunity built against the initial variants may have declined. Even after vaccination, people may have lost their immunity and may now be prone to get infected from the newer variants. Hence it is always better to follow precautionary measures.
For the long-COVID symptoms, it is better to improve your immunity by eating healthy and avoiding exposure to the virus. Proper rest and timely management of the symptoms are necessary to prevent the severity of the symptoms.


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