Cases of Viral Infection-Induced Cough, Cold and Fever to Rise in Pune, India

Cases of Viral Infection-Induced Cough, Cold and Fever to Rise in Pune, India

Viral infection-induced cough, cold and fever to rise in Pune due to fluctuation in weather, say experts. The risk has significantly increased in children, high-risk or vulnerable individuals and middle-aged individuals.

According to doctors, this is due to an unexpected fluctuation in temperature in the city. The temperature fluctuation has caused the days to be hotter and nights to be colder.

This seasonal fluctuation has increased the cases of cough, cold and fever due to viral infections, and the most susceptible group of individuals are children, middle-aged people and high-risk patients (those with certain medical conditions and low immunity).  

Doctors say that this weather fluctuation is the reason for increased viral activity and transmission, which has led to increased cases of these infections in the city.

A resident of Kothrud said that most of her family members and neighbours are sick and complain of having a cough, fever or body ache.

According to doctors, the reason for this viral infection is the erratic weather change. The doctors say that they generally see 3-4 patients with a cold, cough or fever, but this time, the number has tripled since last week. They further add that the cases of sore throat and cold have also increased due to the viral infections that last for several days. According to them, since COVID, many people are unable to respond to infections as efficiently and quickly as they would do previously.  

The minimum temperature during early morning at Pune was 12.8 degrees C, while the maximum temperature was 34.7 degrees C.


  • According to doctors, people should wear a mask whenever they are in public places or in a polluted place to ward off viral infections.
  • It is always good to maintain hygienic conditions, such as washing hands before and after having meals.
  • Avoid touching your face frequently.
  • Avoid getting in close contact with people who are sick.
  • Maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Eat healthy.









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