Are You a Novid?

COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone. While a majority of the population got infected with COVID, with some even lost their lives, many people had not gotten infected to date. They are now called "Novids".

What's protecting Novids from getting the infection?
1. Proper adherence to the precautionary measures:
The main reason why some people are still not infected with the virus could be due to their strict adherence to the COVID safety protocols.

2. Genetic makeup:
Researchers suggest that the genetic makeup of an individual may play an important role in getting infected with COVID-19. People with certain medical conditions may be more prone to COVID-19. One such study was conducted in May 2022, in which the researchers suggested that people with food allergies were less likely to get infected with COVID-19.

3. It could just be luck:
While some researchers believe that Novids would have followed precautionary measures, others believe that it could just be a matter of luck. People living in the same house may have some people who aren't infected even after coming in contact with COVID-infected people. It could be due to the time of contact. Researchers suggest that the infection is likely to spread only before the symptoms appear and till 5 days after the onset of symptoms. This period is known as the infection window.

4. False Novids:
While many people with COVID have mild to no symptoms, researchers found that many people around the world with COVID had no symptoms. These people even after being COVID positive did not show any symptoms and hence were left undiagnosed. Moreover, many people have mild COVID symptoms, which may be confused with the common cold, allergies or flu.

However, further studies are in progress to identify the actual reason for some people not getting infected.

Bibo's take:
Many conditions can mimic COVID. Hence, it is always better to get yourself tested at the earliest to prevent the spread and severity of the infection. If you notice any of the symptoms related to COVID, have a healthy diet and exercise daily to improve your lung capacity.


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