Effects of asthma on child development

Childhood Asthma

It is a condition in children in which airways become narrow and swollen and produce extra mucus when exposed to triggers. It is also called paediatric asthma. Asthma runs strongly in families. It is half due to genetic susceptibility and a half due to environmental factors. If one of the parents has asthma, then it may be the possibility that children also have asthma. So, it is a hereditary disease. Its first symptoms start at the age of five years.

Effects of Asthma

Asthma not only affects the physical strength of people but also their mental and emotional capabilities. In the case of a child, the situation may get worse due to their sensitive nature and low immunity. An asthmatic child is not like a normal child. His social and emotional behaviours are also affected by the disease.

  1. Physical effects

Asthma damages the badly airways and interferes with normal breathing. The suffering child exhibit normal signs and symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing. They also feel the trouble of sleeping and coughing at night. They looked pale, worried, and lethargic all the time.

  1. Mental effects

There is a strong link between asthmatic symptoms and mental health. Asthma exerts negative effects on the mind which further exacerbates the regular asthma self-management schedule. Anxiety disorders and depression are the common psychiatric issues that are faced by children. They often go to an inferiority complex when comparing themselves with healthy individuals.

  1. Social effects

Medical dimensions of asthma and its social impacts are tightly linked for children. Their social interactions and recreational activities disappear completely. As asthmatic children are sensitive, therefore, they cannot bear extreme weather conditions and dust and pollen places. It affects their capacity to take part in sports. So, they become socially awkward.

  1. Effects on schooling

Studies suggest a strong connection between poor asthma symptoms and a decline in academic performance. It mainly affects the attendance of children. Due to absence, they cannot give their 100% efficiency to studies; become vulnerable to academic challenges. It is very difficult for them to concentrate on the study.

  1. Daily life effects

Due to fear of asthma attacks, asthmatic children avoid several foods. Stay away from a smoky and dusty environment. They have to adopt extra safety measures such as protecting themselves from the cold environment, keeping with them steroid inhalers, etc. that badly affect their normal routine. Hence, they do not enjoy normal daily life like healthy children.

  1. Economic effects

Asthma also involves financial costs. It is because money is required for cleaning, catering, and a dusting of home to stay away asthmatic children from the trigger. Doctors also charge money for check-ups of asthmatic children. So, their parents have to work a lot to meet the expenses.


Management Plans

Due to advancements in technology and medicines, there is a reduction in the side effects of asthma on the growing child.

  • The most powerful weapon used to combat the disease is the daily controller medicines that are also called preventers. The most suitable medicine for this is corticosteroid inhalers often called steroid inhalers.
  • Another step is the counseling of the child and their parents on how to manage and react to the disease.



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