Boost Your Immunity with Kadha

Blog written by: Dr Anju Balakrishnan

Boost Your Immunity with Kadha

Kadha is a traditional Indian Ayurvedic and medicinal drink. It is nothing but herbal decoction or herbal tea. These kadhas are prepared from herbal drugs, which help in maintaining health. They also play an important role in preventing the body from diseases by building up immunity, especially respiratory health.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Indian Ministry of Ayush recommended the consumption of kadha in order to enhance immunity. Fear regarding this pandemic has increased the widespread consumption of Kadhas.

Kadhas are prepared with hot and potent Ayurvedic herbs like Ginger, Tulsi, Black pepper, Turmeric, Cinnamon etc. Antiviral, antiseptic and antioxidant properties of these drugs protect the body against micro-organisms and enhance the body’s defence mechanism. These ingredients are boiled in water so as to extract their active principles. One can add jaggery, lemon juice etc., to add taste. The dose of these drugs depends upon the age and overall health of the person.

Method of preparation

Preparation of kadha-Crushing

Take water in a pan and boil it. Meanwhile, crush the ingredients like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon etc., in a mortar and pestle. Once the water starts boiling, add all the crushed ingredients. Cook on medium heat till the decoction is reduced to half. Strain the decoction in a glass, and it is ready to drink. You can also add jaggery or fresh lime juice if needed. Honey can also be added, but only after the decoction cools down completely.

One can change the ingredients accordingly. The herbs like cloves, licorice, tulsi etc., can also be used to prepare kadhas.


Herbal tea or kadha

Intake of these decoctions builds up immunity without any side effects. These are rich in Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, E), iron, zinc, potassium, folic acid etc. These kadhas also act as a natural remedy for the common cold, sore throat, fever, allergic rhinitis (running nose) etc. It also enhances digestive power. Kadhas corrects indigestion, flatulence and appetite. These medicinal decoctions help in detoxifying and finally rejuvenating the body.

Overdoing of Kadha

Are you the one who uses khada frequently?? Although kadha helps in maintaining a healthy body system, excess of it is bad. Yes, overtaking kadhas can also harm your health. So if you are drinking kadha for a long time without a proper dose, it can harm you. Let's see how.

First and foremost, it can cause constipation. Since the herbs we usually use to prepare the kadhas have hot potency, they shouldn't be taken in excess doses. It dries up the water content in the body and finally leads to constipation.

There are chances of acidity or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Since the drugs used are hot and potent, in excess, they will vitiate the pitta dosha and increase the pH of the gut, as well.

Excessive heat in the body can also aggravate conditions like piles and haemorrhoids. It also worsens the condition of people having bleeding disorders. Vitiated pitta is also responsible for producing mouth ulcers.

So even if it's the divine nectar, when it is consumed beyond the limits, it will act as a poison.






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