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How Bibo Expert Consultation is different?

Root Cause
Understand the root cause of the disease
Considerate approach toward treatment
Neti Kriya
Focussed approach towards home remedies

Based on your symptoms and the condition, the doctor may prescribe you with some medicines and recommendations. Your prescription will be generated and sent to you within 30 minutes post consultation.

After booking an appointment, the contact center team will reach out to you to collect details about you and your symptoms and then guide you through the process of online consultation. On the consultation day, the contact center team will also remind you of the appointment, app, and uploading of reports (if any).

We at Bibo work for the holistic respiratory care of you. Our doctors will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your signs and symptoms. Our objective at Bibo is not to treat the symptoms alone but to identify the root cause of the disease and eliminate it. We aspire to make you the experts in your respiratory conditions so that you can have complete control over your respiratory health.

Your doctor may have prescribed you with certain lab or other diagnostic tests or asked you for a follow-up after certain days. You do not have to pay for a repeat consultation if it happens within five days of your previous consultation.

Yes, the doctor's note generated during online consultation is as good as a prescription you get after visiting the doctor. The doctors on online consultation are Registered Medical Practitioners as offline doctors.

The process for follow-up consultation is same as the initial consultation. Our contact center team will remind you to book an appointment a few days prior to the date of follow-up.

Yes. You can share your doctor's note and test reports with the doctor before joining the online consultation. You can upload your test reports on the form sent to you on the day of the online consultation.

Yes, the e-doctor's note is valid for offline pharmacies as well. The e-note generated by the online doctors are as good as a physical doctor's note as all our doctors are Registered Medical Practitioners.

Your privacy and confidentiality are two prime focuses for Bibo. All your medical history and online consultation records with us are completely private and confidential and will not be shared without your consent.

The duration of the consultation will be 30 minutes.

You can pay via debit/credit card, UPI, wallets, or net banking.

The consultation will happen through a video or audio call. You can discuss your symptoms and conditions with the specialist over the call. Our experienced doctors have expertise in getting to the root cause of the disease and prescribing the treatment.

You can rejoin using the same link.

You can end the consultation and rejoin using the same link.

Our contact center team will give a reminder call and share the link with you on the consultation day. If you still miss the appointment, you can talk to us at and reschedule the appointment.

In case you are not satisfied with the consultation for any reason, you can reach out to us at with a request for a refund. Our customer care team will process the refund after verifying your case details.