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Home remedies for sinus cleansing

I hope you will be aware of the feelings of the sinus patient. The sinus patient has a stuffy nose. Their eyes are burn. Their throat has stinging and irritating pain. At this point of misery, the remedies and recipes of mothers and grandmothers prove to be a magic wand. Here are the five most used natural remedies. These not only help to recover your normal routine but also improve your quality of life instantly.

  1. Copious amount of water

drink water stay hydrated

Drink as much fluid as you can. Liquids are absorbed in the thick mucus and ensures hydration. Resulting diluted mucus is drained smoothly preventing sinus pressure. Dry air creates problems such as sore throat and stuffy nose. For this, you can add the liquid to the environment through a humidifier. Thus, you require a large amount of fluid in the body and also outside the body for the potent relief of nasal sinuses.

  1. Nasal irrigation

nasal irrigation or nasal wash

Nasal irrigation simply means flushing the sinuses with boiled water, sterilized water, or saline solutions. It is a formula that rinses the nasal passages to loosen the mucus.  The procedure for the making of saline solution is
  • You just have to take one teaspoon of either sea salt or pickling salt and mix it with distilled water
  • Also, add some baking soda to the solution
After the preparation use the solution through the bulb syringes or neti pot.
  1. Steam

steam inhalation

For immediate treatment of nasal congestion, steam is a very powerful self-care. It also works through the loosening of mucus. We can also add peppermint oil, camphor or eucalyptus oil to fastens the effect of steam. Peppermint oil contains menthol that stimulates the passage of air and creates the sensation of easy breathing.

  1. Chicken Soup

chicken soup

For centuries our ancestors have been using chicken soup as a weapon to treat the diseases. It gives a variety of benefits.
  • The steam emerging from the soup thin the mucus and help in the drainage.
  • It helps in the relaxation of smooth muscles of throat thus relieves from sore throat
  • It helps in the proper function of cilia. The cilia are the hairs in the nasal cavity that trap pollution and other waste particles.
  • The liquid itself has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which help in the eradication of the disease.
  1. Warm and cold compresses

Warm and cold compresses

Leaning back with hot compresses over your nose help in the warming of nasal passages. This remedy not only quickly relieves the nasal pain but also the nasal congestion. Here is how to follow the procedures.
  • Place a hot cloth over the nose and eyes for three minutes. The absorbed heat will lose the mucus and kill the causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Then cover across the sinuses with a cold towel for a half minute. The low temperature will help in the management of sinusitis pain.
  • Alternate both steps 3-4 times in a day.


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